Nine Star Ki, Your personal pincode to life

“Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know yourself. Only then, will you be able to change your life for the better.”

Are you a romantic wood, a passionate fire, a balanced earth, a disciplined metal, or a flexible water?

Nine Star Ki shares the Feng Shui fundamentals that are based in I-Ching, the concept of yin and yang, the Five Elements theory, the seasons in nature and the movement of the stars and energy through space and time.

Meet yourself today, with our Nine Star Ki consult.

In Nine Star Ki, it is believed that on the day that you are born, you are imprinted with the energy of the universe on that day, the energy of your “star”. Your star or energetic signature moves through time in nine-year cycles.

Your personal Nine Star Ki Energetic Signature gives you information on three aspects of your nature and personality:

  1. It provides you with information on who you innately are. That is, who you came here to be.
  2. It provides you with information and understanding on who you are when you are under stress: how you behave and what you need.
  3. It provides you with information on how others see you upon first impression, and it reveals your greatest strengths and your greatest challenges in this lifetime.

On the date of our birth, life is determined by a combination of three hidden energies: human, heaven and earth. By understanding these energies and discovering our own special energy numbers, we can learn to harmonize our lives with the people and events that surround us.

In Nine Star Ki we look at the character of a human being. We look at the year of birth, month of birth and the relationship between these two. We ask: How does your personal energy cycle flow?

Five elements of energy determine this: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In your Nine Star Ki profile you will see these elements represented in 3 numbers. These numbers can tell us what energies you have, what energies you need and what type of person in life you are.


This number tells you about your general nature. Which vehicle do you use to move through your life? Are you driving in the fast lane or do you prefer to float around freely? What are your talents, how do you develop them? What is your strength? What are your positive and negative traits?


This number tells you about your inner experience, the contents of your soul and how your thoughts, ideas and emotions influence your life. How do you cope with stress, obstacles and challenges in your life? It is not always clear what goal the driver has chosen. You have to get acquainted with your driver to know what her/his goal is.


Your social nature. How do you express yourself to the outer world, towards others? This is what people see of you when they meet you for the first time.This number expresses your travels through life where the driver steers the vehicle in the hope to reach its acquired goal.

The Circle of Creation

Nine Star Ki has the philosophical view that all is energy and energy is always moving. In this movement you can recognise repeating patterns. The moving patterns give us the opportunity to learn something new or to repeat a life lesson in order to learn from it.

Your Nine Star Ki Profile does not pin you down to the elements that you are associated with, but rather looks at how they move in your life. If you know your Nine Star Ki Energetic Signature you have insight into the energy movement in your life.

Let us discover your elements of energy

Nine Star Ki Consult

Once we’ve finished our analysis, your Nine Star KI Energetic Signature will be sent to you by email. I will then spend half an hour with you explaining your analysis, and how you can work with this knowledge to better your life. 

Cost: € 150 incl. VAT