Feng Shui

Using the age-old system of Feng Shui, we work in a contemporary way to bring modern solutions to your life, home or office. By analysing your own energies and the energies in your space, we create a more harmonious environment in which you can increase your productivity, uplift your mood, heal yourself and improve your relationships with friends, family and colleagues.

Does your life feel stagnant or unsteady?

Are you having troubles with your colleagues?

Or does something feel off in your home?

We can help bring balance to your life, home or office.

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The Five Elements in Feng Shui

Let us bring them into balance for you

Growth. Renewal. Roots. Abundance. Vibrancy.

Wood is the element of activity. It represents growth and new beginnings. It gets things done, whether that’s a business plan, a project or an idea for a book.

Ferocity. Light. Energetic. Artistic. Dynamic.

Fire is the element of transformation. It makes things visible, shines a light on things. It shows you or your company to the outside world.

Stability. Balance. Responsibility.

Earth is the element of care. It nurtures others. It is the element that provides structure and holds things together.

Lifesource. Fluid. Pure. Mysterious.

Water is the element of feeling. It keeps flow in life and business. The presence of water aids the process of letting go and moving on.

Sharpness. Focus. Organization. Reflection.

Metal is the element of analysis. It wants to explore what the value of things are. It aids in making clear decisions and reaching the essence of things. It refines, organizes, clarifies and purifies existing energy.