What you can expect from a consultation

Elements of Energy gives you contemporary tools, rooted in age-old wisdom, to optimize flow in  the spaces in your life. Home is the only place in our lives where we have total control of our comfort. A business needs the right conditions to flourish. Whatever the reason for your space, we can help that flourish.

  1. We analyse your space using our Elements Of Energy system, and generate your personalised Feng Shui Energy Map.
  2. We plan a visit, this can be in person or virtually, and appraise this in accordance with your birth-dates and those whom you share the space with.
  3. This analysis helps find harmony between the five elements in your space. It is a blueprint for balance.
  4. We will then offer explanation and advice for how you can better balance your space, guiding you to find the right way of expressing each element where they are most harmonious.

Rate (hourly)

85€ (incl. VAT)

(Travel expenses apply when your space is located outside of Amsterdam.)

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