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At Elements of Energy, everything we do is about helping you bring balance to your life and home. 

The five natural elements – water, earth, wood, metal and fire – are found in every aspect of our lives. Understanding how to bring these elements into balance is key to living an intentional and balanced life.

We offer workshops, consultations and products that allow you to discover the elements of energy according to your own interests and needs.

The Elements

Each element has characteristics which define how we think, feel and act. The characteristics we have inside us depends on when we were born, in accordance with the Nine Star Ki of Chinese Astrology.

Understanding our internal elements can help us navigate the world we live in, and shape the spaces and relationships in our lives in a harmonious way.

Discover the five elements


“Claudia’s Feng Shui consultancy was an interesting and very personal journey. To look at the space in a fresh way and the people you work with through the eyes of Feng Shui was a completely new experience to me. Claudia’s vision on both space and team was an eye opener, she added elements to let the energy flow and created in this way a new vision for the future of our office space.”

– Mariette Hoitink

Founder HTNK International

Feng Shui was a new concept to me. It turned out to be a fantastic starting point for rethinking our office. Claudia’s analysis was interesting, insightful and valuable. From here we started to work with color, objects and plants… To me it was a conversation. In general we followed Claudia’s advice. But we chose to make some choices that were not ‘Feng Shui validated’, but validated by our own taste. The result: A focused workspace with an intimate, human feel. We could not have created this without Claudia’s ‘elements of energy’ thinking. To me this is a must for anyone who takes his/her office, business and team seriously.

– Peter Van Rhoon

Founder Super Stories

“My experience with Elements of Energy is very positive and highly motivating. Our new office is a very balanced place with high energy which was created by our partnership with Elements of Energy.

– Theo Spierings

CEO The Purpose Factory